Volunteering - What is your ONE thing?


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Park School offers families countless opportunities for volunteer participation. Regardless of whether you have 1 hour or 100 to volunteer, if you prefer to work at school or volunteer from home of the office, we NEED you. In your CLASS. In your SCHOOL. 

Throughout the school year, parent volunteer opportunities will be posted in ParentSquare.  

Below are some current open volunteer positions at our school!! More are added often so check back!



If you have any specific questions regarding volunteering at Park School or with the PTA, please contact Ashley Droege at parkschoolptapresident@gmail.com 



Staff Appreciation Week Coordinator

This person coordinates and manages five days of special appreciation for teachers and staff. It would require developing ideas and communicating to families how to help. Some ideas in the past have been Handmade Card Day, Flower Bouquet Day, Coffee Truck Day, Juice and Fruit Grab and Go, the Staff Luncheon.


Green Initiatives Coordinator

This role is responsible for working with the Park School staff to help reduce waste and promote composting and recycling, particularly during the lunch hour. In the past, older students have volunteered to be “green team” members and assist other students with disposing of their lunch leftovers and containers responsibly.

Walk and Roll Wednesdays Table Volunteer

Walk, bike, or carpool to school!  Walk and Roll Wednesdays are back! Park School participates in the Marin County initiative by Safe Routes to Schools program to encourage all families to walk, bike or carpool to school one Wednesday per month in an effort to reduce congestion, keep our families active, and help our planet!  Our launch date is Wednesday, September 13th. 
But we can't do it without your help! We need volunteers for the dates below to help setup and hand out small prizes on the upper playground for students that arrive via a green way to school. 

Website Administrator/Designer

The administrator helps the PTA President and team update content on the Park School PTA website.


Leveled Book Room Lead-In-Training

The Park School Book Room is a "leveled library" of children's books that teachers use for one-on-one instruction, small group work, and as take-home books for reading practice. With all material grouped by reading level, teachers and specialists are able to choose books appropriate and specific to each student's current reading level for pinpointed instruction. The Book Room Chair keeps this library running smoothly by meeting with the faculty committee to identify and purchase new material; leveling, sorting, and labeling books; handling returns and general organization of the collection; and coordinating long term maintenance projects. The 'lead-in-training' this year would shadow to take over later this year or next.

Park Makery Lead-In-Training

Shadow our current parent lead Kara Johnson to eventually assume the lead going forward. This parent works closely with our Librarian to plan projects and use for the Park Makery .

Coffee Cart Support

We need support on Fridays 9/1-12/15!!


Signing up for a coffee cart pick up time slot requires two tasks (can be two different people):

Task 1: Pick up coffee order from Equator on Miller in downtown Mill Valley. No need to stand in line—it will be ready on the counter! Please keep in mind that we have switched to the larger more eco-friendly cambro containers that they is heavier than the disposable containers. Then, set up coffee at the Park School garden latest by 7:55 am for the 8:00 am start time. 

Please either designate a person or be the person to take leftover coffee to the staff lounge once coffee cart ends around 8:45 am approximately. Extra supplies such as sugar, cups, can also be put in the staff lounge. 


Task 2: separate task of "Drop off empty coffee container" now that we are using the cambro containers. Signing up for drop off of the coffee container requires you to pick up the container in the staff lounge area in the afternoon, before end of school at 2:30pm, and to return to the Equator on Miller in downtown Mill Valley.