PTA Leadership


2022-23 PTA Executive Board

President • Jennifer Durkee •
Executive Vice President • Ashley Droege
Recording Secretary • Blair Parker
Treasurer • Bryan Campbell •
Financial Secretary • Eric Movsessian
Auditor • Angela Liu
Historian • Gretchen Drake
Parliamentarian • Mary Back
Chair of Communications • Katie Moore
Chairs of Fundraising and Fundraising Events • Heather Stone and Elizabeth Crockett
Co-Chairs of Student Experience • Lissa Gray and Emma Dawson
Co-Chairs of Community Events • Betty Bochilo and Lisa Palmer
Chair of Health and Safety E-Prep • Bria Larson
Chair of Site • Mei Hollander
Diversity Equity Inclusion Chairs • Gabrielle Gaetani and Matt Twomey
Principal • Aubrey O'Connor

Teacher Representative • Lisa Baldwin
KIDDO Representative • Casey Ferrarone and Carolyn Mulloy
ITAV Representative • Katie Moore

2022-2023 PTA Committees


Board Representatives President, EVP and Treasurer • Jennifer Durkee, Ashley Droege and Bryan Campbell

Park Partners Co-Chairs • Becca Katz and Lisa Palmer
Classroom Reps • OPEN POSITION (Kindergarten-Kirley), OPEN POSITION (Kindergarten-Stapp), OPEN POSITION (1st Grade-Baldwin), OPEN POSITION (1st Grade-Buehler), OPEN POSITION (2nd-Strike), OPEN POSITION (2nd-Ponce de Leon), OPEN POSITION (3rd Grade-Herrera), OPEN POSITION (3rd Grade-Martini), OPEN POSITION (4th Grade-Cooney), OPEN POSITION (4th Grade-Bernstein), OPEN POSITION (5th Grade-Dunn) and OPEN POSITION (5th Grade-Marsh)


Board Representatives and Co-Chairs of Student Experience • Lissa Gray and Emma Dawson

Makers Lab Chair • Kara Johnson 
Level Book Room Chairs • Christiana Ferroggiaro and Amanda Walker
Parent ED Coordinator • OPEN POSITION
Oceans Week Assembly Coordinator • OPEN POSITION
Art Show Coordinators • Emma Dawson and Grace Mack
Halloween Activities • OPEN POSITIONS
Used Book Swap Coordinator • OPEN POSITION


Board Representatives and Co-Chairs of Community Events • Betty Bochillo and Lisa Palmer

Coffee Cart Coordinators • Mei Hollander 
Staff Luncheon Coordinator • OPEN POSITION
Staff Appreciation Week Coordinator • OPEN POSITION
Parkade Coordinators • Katie Moore and OPEN POSITION
Movie Night Coordinators • Elise Carville, Jennifer Cuddeford, Austin Lowery, Rachel Over and Zack Phillips

Variety Show Chairs • Ashley Droege, Heather Stone, Gretchen Drake
Family Game Day Coordinators • Jessamyn Jones and Ashley Droege


Board Representative and Chair of Fundraising • Heather Stone
Chair of Fundraising Events • Elizabeth Crockett 
Fundraising Event Team • Karleen Katzman, Julie Fenton, Kylie Maddex
Fall Book Fair Coordinators • OPEN POSITIONS
Park Store Coordinators • Lisa Memmel and Emily Mouret
Sign-Up Party Coordinators • Sarah Chan and Buffy Wang


Board Representative and Chair of Communications • Katie Moore
Bulletin Board Coordinators • Sara Burgess
Instagram Coordinator • Nobuko Hori
Treebune Editor • Brandon Lawniczak
Website Administrators • OPEN POSITIONS


Board Representative and Recording Secretary • Blair Parker
Birthday Bulletin Board Coordinators • Buffy Wang (photos) and Alison Littman (board designer)
Photo Day Coordinators • Elise Carville, Alexis Mechler, Kristin White and Margaret Yaeger
Yearbook Chairs • OPEN POSITIONS


Board Representative and Chair of Site • Mei Hollander
Garden Chair • Gena D'Angona
Green Initiatives Coordinators • OPEN POSITION
Lost and Found Coordinator • OPEN POSITION